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Our Story

About Salon Cherie

Master in the Art of Styling, Clipping & Cleaning

I have been grooming dogs and cats now for over 40 years. I became aware of the need for dogs and cats to be groomed when I worked in shelters. I was exposed to dogs and cats being so neglected that their coats had to be shaved right down to the skin just to free parts of their bodies so they could move again. I had to remove parasites, clean sores and so on, sadly I continue to see pets in these conditions today. I also gained my experience in grooming when I worked in salons catering to the pet dog industry and some of these dogs such as poodles would not only go home in perfect fashion but have their nails painted!

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Bath & Dry

We use a large range of safe and effective products from LEEXEN CHEMICICALS to suit all skin and coat types

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Clip Nails and Feet

Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best care in our center.

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Pet Styling

For Comfort and Beauty

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Plucking ears & Cleaning teeth

Top Groomers all over the world include these services as part of the package and we are no exception.

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Full Package Included


Cats Guardians to please stay with purr kid for procedure.
Small Dogs

$55 - $60

Extra $10 for very bad coat . Collect/Deliver N/C.
Medium Dogs

$60 - $90

Extra $10 for very bad coat . Collect/Deliver N/C.
Large – X

$100 - $120

Large Dogs depends on coat & size

Collection and Delivery to Cowra      FREE of CHARGE

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Check out our videos to see how pets are treated with love and care. They not only look beautiful but be comfortable.

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Questions & Answers

It doesn't take me a long time in reality – first up I do a full groom that includes a full package so obviously it is going to take longer to do that compared to if I only did a clip and quick bath. However I ask you to rather leave your dog here for almost a day instead of a few hours – this is because most dogs don't like being groomed and in my experience I have noticed that if I work on them for short periods of time with lots of breaks during the session they are more relaxed, by that I mean, their muscles are not tense, they don't bark or pull away from me when I handle their bodies. 

Yes, but not often – I like all groomers read your dogs body language and try my best to reduce your dogs stress levels by stopping before your dog resorts to biting (its just his way of saying No!) I don't blame your dog I blame myself for not paying attention

There are so many questions for me to ask you before I can answer that question but the bottom line is – If you do not groom your dog daily and you want your dogs coat to be long you will need to have me de tangle and neatened your Maltese poodle for instance every 4 - 6 weeks on the other hand if you are happy to have his coat clipped just to maintain it you can come every 3 to 4 months then for example a Border Collie that is well kept and in good health can be de tangled and neatened every 3 months whereas a Siberian Husky for a de tangle and neatening every month but both the Border Collie and Siberian Husky can be clipped twice yearly and be well maintained – so it all boils down to how much you want to pay and how much time you have to organize appointments and mostly what you want and of course his coat type, condition, health and age

In a few cases dogs get clipper rash from a short cut (I like all groomers are very aware of this and take all precautions I can) – the only way around this is to give a longer clip but the problem with this is that it means you need to come more often. The other issue is that any dog that has a lot of tangles on his body will suffer from irritation from the clipping because the hair is too tightly packed onto the skin so the poor clippers and poor dog will suffer without a doubt when the clipping takes place and that is why its so important for you to bring your favourite in for a clean up BEFORE his hair gets too tangled under his tail.

Most of my clients (the dogs themselves) don't mind coming in and some can't wait to get in (a few own the groom table believe it or not) but in reality no dog WANTS to be groomed and handled all over their body, some of them probably think that the smell of the shampoo I put on them is an insult – would rather roll in dirt😊 and that is why I do all I can to make your favourite feel as welcome and as safe as possible when they visit the salon – I have lots of ways to win these amazing and funny fur kids over, they are: giving breaks, giving treats, doing some trick training with them, allowing in the main garden, giving raw bones (strictly with Guardians permission) and playing with them!!

I love the touch of their fur/hair, it gives me great pleasure being with them and I think they are very funny, since when does a dog croak like a frog? Watching what they do, how they behave, arouses my interest and curiosity!

Salon Cherie
Salon Cherie