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Our Story

About Salon Cherie

Master in the Art of Styling, Clipping & Cleaning

I have been grooming dogs and cats now over 40 years. I became aware of the need for dogs and cats to be groomed when I worked in shelters. I was exposed to dogs and cats being so neglected that their coats had to be shaved right down to the skin just to free parts of their bodies so they could move again. I had to remove parasites, clean sores and so on, sadly I continue to see pets in these conditions today. I also gained my experience in grooming when I worked in salons catering to the pet dog industry and some of these dogs such as poodles would not only go home in perfect fashion but have their nails painted! These experiences have shaped my grooming style today and have made me aware of why all pets need to not only look good but more importantly feel comfortable and be clean. Most pets don’t like being groomed, I have always strived to keep pets calm whilst being groomed so that they learn to enjoy the experience, this I do by working at the pet’s pace – for that I need time. I have always been and continue to be a Low Stress Groomer/Handler. My background in Vet Nursing and Dog Behavioural Training has been at the heart of my success. My wonderful clients acknowledge my passion and that is what keeps me going😊



Cats Guardians to please stay with purr kid for procedure.
Small Dogs

$55 - $60

Extra $10 for very bad coat . Collect/Deliver N/C.
Medium Dogs

$60 - $90

Extra $10 for very bad coat . Collect/Deliver N/C.
Large – X

$100 - $120

Large Dogs depends on coat & size


Collection and Delivery to Cowra

Check List

1. If he (gender-neutral term) has got a serious medical condition or does not appear well have you confirmed with your Vet that it’s safe for you to take your dog to your low stress groomer today?

2. Emptying anal glands – if glands aren’t full and I empty them I might cause a problem so please check with your Veterinary Surgeon before asking me to empty them and I will be only too happy to oblige

3. Have you or your friend / family member visited the grooming salon and had a good look around at it, asked lots of questions about the procedure, how much experience she has had in handling animals the gentle way and most importantly seen how the groomer keeps and treats her own dogs?


  • It’s in your dog’s best interest for you to leave and it’s in your cat’s best interest for you to stay, however some people need to stay with their dogs because of medical or behavioural reasons and as long as they don’t increase the dog stress level’s they are more than welcome to stay. Some other people want to wait in their car I don’t mind in the least but bear in mind that you could be waiting inside your car for up to 2 hours
  • Please tell me if your dog is not allowed to eat treats and if his not allowed to socialize with strange people/dogs
  • I want to do the best for you and your dog/cat so if I can’t complete any of the services or notice anything that is wrong with your favourite I will always point this out to you in the hope that you will seek advice from your Vet
  • Some fur kids find the grooming experience absolutely intolerable there are any number of reasons for this i.e. his skittish, his had a very bad experience in the past; owner has not socialized him to life experiences or not got him used to being handled in/on sensitive places on his body. For these fur kids I recommend that you rather make the time to stay with me when I groom your favourite. I have also had excellent results with people who have done training with me resulting in their fur kid being able to then be more relaxed when I groom them


  • De tangling of coats
  • Clipping of coats and feet
  • Styling & Scissor cutting
  • Trimming nails
  • Cleaning/Plucking hair from inside the ears
  • Cleaning excess tartar off teeth with a doggy toothbrush
  • Bathing and full body massage in Leexen Chemicals
  • Emptying anal glands
  • Towel or Blow drying
  • Toilet and Play Break
  • Final neatening and conditioning of coats
Salon Cherie