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I have an extremely nervous dog who has epilepsy. I was skeptical and very nervous myself. After meeting Bessie for 5 minutes Eileen was able to decide on her character and told me politely to go! Hours later i was called to come and pick her up. I could not believe it..even down to her tail and nails! When i now pull up at the gate my two cry at the thought of going to Eileens. .. She is a passionate person living out what she was purposed for on earth. She has a gift with animals so treat yourself to Salin Cherie

Silvia Wheeler

My amazing sister Eileen who fell from heaven on to earth to love and care for animals she gives her soul to grooming of dogs every dog she grooms is blessed to have her

Ingrid Vajdak

I would highly recommend Salon Cherie. The owner Eileen is the greatest lover of dogs that I have ever met So professional with her training classes and grooming services I recommend her services highly

Fred Fahey

I have been taking our little rag doll persian ,19 years old ,to Eileen Metherell for a number of years now.Our little Cassi gets a full all over shave,nails done, wash and dry,basically the full makeover.The care and attention whilst grooming Cassi is amazing.Eileen is so gentle and kind with Cassi that no sedation is required and Cassi generally even purrs as she gets her beauty treatment.I would recommend Eileen to all pet owners as I firmly believe that no one else even comes close to her professional,gentle and caring manner.

Alex Uren

I have been taking my Cavoodle Molly to Eileen for the past 2 and a half years, and she always comes back happy and looking and smelling amazing.
I was very fortunate the one time when I took Eileen's advice in mid-summer had a short cut when we found that sinister growth that was dealt with in the nick of time. My dog doesn’t like going anywhere without me, but she loves going to visit Eileen. Eileen’s knowledge and professionalism is second to none and I would thoroughly recommend her for all your grooming needs.

Andrea Duggan

This is a wonderful grooming service which my beautiful Maltese dog has been going to for 5 years now. Eileen always asks me what I want done, how the coat should look, as well as her face, feet and ears. Eileen handles my little Abbie with loving care and I would not go anywhere else. As far as Canine Connections goes, my Abbie went for Puppy training which was invaluable for a loving and obedient dog. there is no


Eileen Metherall has for the last 20 years plus groomed my dogs and cats. I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. She loves animals and is always very caring and efficient with them. They get an ear and teeth inspection plus nails in the fee. I especially remember one time I found out about a cat who was long hair and was never groomed. His hair was a mess of mats and the owner wouldn’t pay to groom him so I used to pick him up every year and take him to Eileen who would groom him for nothing because she couldn’t bear animal cruelty.

Blanche Douglass

I was absolutely delighted with Eileens's grooming of our Irish setter, Cooley. He was very nervous after a couple of bad experiences at the vet but Eileens's calm and loving approach made him actually enjoy clipping and grooming! He also looked beautiful at the end! Thank you Eileen!

Cathrine cleary

I have used Eileen Metherall as my groomer for eighteen months and am very happy with her professionalism. Eileen always asks for my input and is more than happy to oblige with my requests. My puppy Biscuit gets very excited when we arrive and can't wait to get out to say hello. This tells me that she must be treated very well while she is there. I feel very relaxed leaving Biscuit knowing she is well treated and cared for.

Di Johnston

Eileen Metherill used to groom my Shih Tzu Charlie Girl. The bond between them was amazing Charlie just loved Eileen and the feeling was mutual. She always came home looking so beautiful and proud of herself as she strutted in front of me. When she passed away from Cancer Eileen was nearly upset as l was. I highly recommend her as a caring expert groomer.

Lee Gibson

Just saw your request now. I have been in Sydney and just got at 5pm. Hope I am not too late and what I have written is okay
"We have been taking our fur babies to Eileen for many years both past and present. She is kind and respectful to them and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend her grooming service for your fur babies".

Rhonda Burnett Canowindra

We love you, you are so kind, loving and make Jetty boys grooming experirnce happy and relaxed .We have been going to your Salon for just on 6 years and every visit is a happy time for our boy.We love your professionalism and Jett always looks great after his haircut.Over the years I have tried plenty of other groomers and have never found anyone as good as Eileen.I would highly recommend her service.


Over many years and through a succession of ‘doggie children’, we have been using Eileen’s wonderful grooming services . A professional set up, lots of love, wonderful care and attention, Eileen gives her all to make our dogs look and appear at their ultimate best. Actually our dogs love going there as they re-establish ‘friendships’ and sometimes even get a little play in their secure yard, if ‘mummy’ is running late to pick them up. A big shout out for Eileen’s professionalism.

Rachel and Matthew Newell

I have been sending my dog to Eileen for over six years and she also looked after the dog that I had previously. Eileen is a passionate and enthusiastic dog lover. She has an innate awareness of canine behaviours which is integral in her business. She is meticulous with the dog grooming and the grooming facilities are hygienic and functional. I have no hesitation in commending Salon Cherie to any other dog owner seeking a dog groomer.

Vanessa Fisher - Cowra

I have my 2 girls (Maltese chitzu's) 14yrs, and recently moved to Cowra.. finding a groomer was stressful enough, but I was lucky enough to find not only the best groomer they've had, but one that is also a vet nurse!!! My girls have never been taken care of better, it's extremely affordable, to the point I feel guilty when paying, they also get very excited when ever they see Eileen, which is very comforting. I cannot recommend "Salon Cherie" high enough. Thanks

Shane Aldridge

We have been customers of Eileen’s Salon Cherie twelve years and always greatly happy with amazing service Eileen is providing every time. We have been lucky because Eileen was recommended to us by our vet. Mine husband and I are dog lovers. Dogs live in the house, we take them to the garden every time they need to go, we let them run in garden which is fenced and secure only under our supervision and we take them every day sometime more than once to park to socialise and walk. I cook their meals twice a day. However we have been quite unfairly endowed even when we really tried our best with pure bred dogs with ailments, which they have all their live and we had to accept that. Only with help and really exceptional care from Eileen who groom them we have been able to really enjoy them as much as we love them as our companions.
First dog was Mountain dog Mindy who have chronic progressing back problems since she was about 6 month old. We could get another puppy but we couldn’t bear to return her. We have her until she dies of cancer 10yrs old. Because of her weight (58 kg) and sick back Eileen has to be very good to groom her and not hurt her as I told, we were there to help to turn her around because she didn’t like to be handled much but she liked Eileen. After Mindy we had Molly Bernese Mountain dog again. She had good back, more than good when she run away from her breeder few times and she decided she wouldn’t breed from her even her exceptional pedigree we were fortunate to get here after we lost Mindy and we cannot get another dog like her quickly. Poor Molly was very shy and also she need to be groomed, but not liked people. But she liked Eileen and she groomed this disabled mentally affected dog who we loved because she looked like Mindy for years without any problem and always with great result and happy dog as well. Molly was very vulnerable and all her life she was on leash at all times. She pass away to cancer when she was 9 and half.
Than we got Sky terrier who we call Molly even he is not a female. But he look like Molly only he is smaller. We got him because he was difficult to handle, he bite and bark and he is quite very over the top, so the breeders somehow lost patience with him. However he has very thick fur and lot of hair everywhere, he cannot see much if not groomed, face full of hair and he doesn’t let anybody to tough him. Not even us. With my husband great patience to train him and Eileen ability to groom difficult and scared dog (maybe abused dog before we got him, Molly is now our much loved companion and very good guard dog. Eileen not only groom but she understand every individual dogs nature and they like her. We always have very well wash and haircut and also feet groomed, and nails cut as well. I recommend salon Cherie anytime


We live on a farm in central western NSW and have been breeding west highland white terriers for over ten years. Westies require a great deal of grooming and farm-based westies who love nothing more than rolling around in red dirt, burrs and sheep droppings require a bit more than your average westie! We had been to a few groomers with our dogs in the past, but found that the experience was quite a traumatic one for them. We believed this was “just the way it was” until we met Eileen of Salon Cherie Grooming. Eileen has become an integral part of our breeding programme, working with us for the last ten years, and we would not consider having our beautiful dogs groomed by anyone else but her. Apart from Eileen’s extensive experience as a Vet Nurse, her genuine love of animals makes her an ideal groomer. Her love and care for them is obvious in her every interaction with them. The grooming experience for our dogs has become something they look forward to, rather than a traumatic event that they have to endure. We have also participated in Eileen’s puppy classes where she works with both owner and dog in obedience training and the proper handling of dogs. It has been a great experience for us and our dogs. We would have no hesitation in recommending Eileen Metherall and Salon Cherie for all of your pet grooming and training needs”.

Paul and Julie Nipperess

I just wanted to write a site reference for you and trust you can use this as a reference for those who really want a very caring, loving , professional and dedicated groomer. I have been to many groomers, but none have treated or groomed my dog the way you do. Your cutting skills are excellent especially when it is with a difficult coat on an Alaskan Malamute. You have a special way to calm dogs down I have seen it when I have come into your salon. I know my dog Tank hates being groomed, but when he is with you he looks so calm and his eyes become dreamy as he looks up at you. Thank you for looking after my very special friend in such a professional and caring way, All that kissing and hugging, what dog wouldn't be happy, I know this because he starts calling outto you as I drive into your yard and cannot wait for me to stop my car to go to you. Your knowledge of dog behaviour and the information you give us on how to treat our dogs and look after their coats once groomed. I have sometimes used you as a vet because I know that you are a trained veterinary nurse and the advise has always been spot on. I cannot wait for you to get back to work Tank is missing his special treatments.


What a great place to take your “fur baby” for a groom. The owner/operator, Eileen, is right on the ball when it comes to knowing what your pet needs in terms of grooming. She understands animals so well and does a fantastic job every time. I have been taking my pet, Benson, there for almost 4 years now and would not go anywhere else. He is just so comfortable now with Eileen as his groomer and the rates are really affordable.

Fay Pritzler and Benson

Thank you Eileen for always making Freddie's grooming experience a good one. 

He always comes home from you looking fabulous & happy. 

We have been taking Freddie to Eileen for the past two years, since we first got him as a rescue dog. He feels very comfortable with Eileen, which is number one important for our little boy.

We highly recommend you for dog grooming.

The Troy family

Thank you for yet another lovely hairdo for my dear boy Cody. He loves going to your salon for his day at the beauty spa. He always comes home refreshed, beautified, and pampered. Your service is second to none, from the pick up, the bath and massage, the pedicure, the health check, the no rush hair cut and style, condition,  and the drop back home.

My boy comes back a new man every time and always looks forward to when I arrange his next appointment with his Aunty Eileen.

Lucie B

I am writing to sing the praises of the best groomer I have ever used. I
have a Maltese, Tibetan Spaniel cross. For those that don't know Maltese
have curly hair and Tibetans have long straight hair. A real nightmare to
groom . Add to that the fact that she only has one eye. She is a nightmare
to groom. Eileen does her perfectly ever time.

Doreen Harman

Salon Cherie