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Like myself, aspire to providing an exceptional grooming experience for your dog and cat

Our Story

We care for every pet. We go out of our way to make your fur kids feel as relaxed as possible

V.I.P Service

We take pride in giving you and your pet 
personalized attention.

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Bath & Dry

Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best care in our center.

Clip Nails and Feet

We use a large range of shampoos for all different skin and coat types of all breeds.

Pet Styling

To suit your fur kids personality and life style

Dog Parlor

Getting bathed and massaged in our luxurious bath, using an appropriate shampoo that is kind to pet’s skin.

Medical Drugs & Conditions

Top groomers all over the world and right here in Australia don’t mind grooming dogs or cats that have been administered medications that have been prescribed to your Pet by your Vet such as sedatives, heart or seizure drugs as long as you warn us beforehand that you have given the medication and that your favourite suffers from these conditions so that we can get prepared AND as long as you have confirmed with your Vet that its safe for to take your pet to a Low Stress Salon with these conditions.

Conditions & Services

  • I call the dog and cat “him”, as this is our gender-neutral term. The reputedly more neutral “it” is not an option, for anyone who has known a dog or cat.
  • Opening hour is 10.30am closing time (in the evening when I am finished) if you would like to drop your dog off before that time you need to make prior arrangements only too happy to accommodate you
  • I have taken every precaution I can to make the parlour escape proof that is why the place looks like Fort Knox! 😊 There is a cooler in summer and heating in winter so that we can all be comfortable
  • To reduce the stress on your dog and make the experience as pleasurable as possible for your dog I try my best to book a few dogs in for the FULL day so that I can rotate them – this is less stressful for your dog
  • If you need to book your dog in for a few hours instead please confirm this when you make the appointment; please also take the following into consideration: you aren’t being kind to your dog by rushing me because your dog can feel the tension in my hands and this stresses him out and he also needs a break– so please allow me more time rather than less and please also consider the other clients, they are also waiting for their dogs, so when confirming your collection time, please be on time
  • I collect and deliver on specific days – my days are long because I include the full package and some dogs need a full body de tangling – some people would prefer to collect their fur kids earlier you are welcome just give me a time and I will be ready
  • You are only permitted to stay and watch me groom your dog if there is a valid reason, you are asked to please stay with me when I groom your cat – however a few people would rather wait in their car – they are more than welcome
  • I have absolutely no objections to styling your dog or cat into ANY style you request i.e. turning your wolf hound into a poodle 😊 as long as you don’t ask me to do something that will cause unnecessary pain to your dog i.e. attempt to untangle matts that have been there for too long a time or pluck hair out of your dog’s body – this is very cruel and painful for your dog- I will suggest that this time we do the right thing and that I clip the coat off instead, then next time you bring your dog over before he gets too matted. Putting a jacket on your dog will prevent sunburn and its cleaner than the infested/matted coat. In these cases you will be very happy that we did clip the coat off because you will be surprized as to what we find under that coat.

Nothing is done without YOUR permission

1st Clip or Scissor Cut to untangle his coat; clip feet; trim nails, clean teeth; pluck and clean ears

2nd Bath in natural products bought from Leexen Chemicals; massage body; empty anal glands; condition/rinse his coat

3rd Towel dry then water/walk him then he rests or plays with the other dogs, sometimes if it’s a nice day I put your dog into the cage on the porch for about 5-10 mins just to let the excess water dry off or in the doggy garden which is dog proof

4th Blow Dry coat, clip, style then apply a stay on conditioner, doggy perfume or nothing if his skin is sensitive All this is done whilst: Handling your dog humanely; Observing his body language like all groomers can do but the difference with the Low Stress Groomer is that we act on what the dog is saying with his body language – we don’t say ‘she will be alright’ then ignore the dog we think about how we can reduce the stress and manage the situation so that the dog is able to relax (it’s called keeping the fur or purr kid under threshold), look for parasites and health problems; Looking for behavioural problems so that I can give you feedback. I offer extra services that are free of charge and include:

  • On admission: all dogs are allocated their own cage by their Guardian OR put into the doggy escape proof garden, if you give me permission to let your favourite out of his cage to socialize I will do so but if he chooses to get back into it I won’t force him to socialize – I have dogs who actually ‘own a specific cage 😊’– I say “each to his own”- water is given when all the dogs have arrived and everybody has settled down
  • Treats and raw meaty bones are given during the process ONLY with your permission
  • Sore and inflamed skin is bathed in treatment recommended by Vet instead of salon products that you can also buy over the counter at your Vets
  • Dirty waxy ears are plucked and washed with treatment recommended by Vet that you can get over the counter at your Vets
  • Feet are clipped (read ‘clipping feet’ handout on next page) and nails are trimmed
  • Dirty teeth are cleaned with a doggy toothbrush- that is only if there is a little tartar on the teeth that you yourself would be able to remove – most of the time I have to refer you to your Vet
  • Handouts on training to help build your relationship with your dog and suggesting you bring your dog to one of my training programs
  • Nutrition in accordance with Dr. I. Billinghurst advice (Specializes in Nutrition)
  • Referral to your Vet for medical help if your dog has a health problem
  • I groom all sizes, shapes and breeds of dogs and cats most are calm and don’t mind the grooming experiences once they get to know me, but a small number of them are: too scared, are rescued, quick to defend themselves, phobic, antisocial, have serious handling issues, suffer from separation stress/ anxiety, these ones have problems!! in these cases its much kinder for you to find the time to stay with me when I do the grooming. I don’t agree with dogs having to be put under general anaesthesia just to be clipped as a first option.

Grooming is not a regulated industry

That means you need to find out if the salon is a safe environment for your dog to be left alone in so be sure to check it out like you would a ‘day care’ for a child. Good things to take notice of are: What equipment does the groomer use? What procedure is your dog going to go under to achieve the result you want? How much does the groomer know about handling dogs and cats? How does the groomer keep her own dogs? If the groomer is offering you a full package how can it only take the groomer 1 hour? What is the groomer doing to your dog to speed up the process? If your only concern is the end result your dog could develop a fear of being groomed then you will have a long-term problem on your hand – See Blog and Link for more information on this subject.

Salon Cherie