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Why Clip Feet & Nails

  • Matted feet are usually associated with matted hocks which if left can tighten causing the hock to start to strangle – see picture of dog above – Ziggy Start-Dust was saved in time!
  • Grass seeds find it very easy to hook onto the long hair and travel up your dog’s feet
  • Your dog’s nails can’t touch the ground when your dog walks so can’t wear down
  • Walking bare foot is a very effective way for your dog to cool down
  • For dogs who have contact dermatitis the hair is an extra burden due to the sweat and infection that harbors there – dogs prove this when the foot is clipped – it gives them great relief to tuck into the foot and lick it to sooth it
  • Lots of ‘things’ get stuck in the matted hair around the feet- thorns, needles (yes), bubble gum, sap off trees, round seeds, parasites and the dogs own toe nails that grow back into the pad instead of wearing off
  • It’s very hard to de tangle a dog’s foot in other words groom it, so it is usually the bit that is NOT attended to by the owner
  • It is very hard for people to handle their dog’s feet even if the holding of the paw has been associated with treats and nice things
  • Furry paws are for very cold climates not a warm climate like ours in Summer

Clipping toe nails: should always be clipped, nails that are too long seen in the pictures or curl back into the pads not only are painful, can cause infection but also cause structural damage to your dog’s feet. I always clip your dog’s toe nails unless you ask me not to or if your dog just can’t cope with the stress of it, in which case I ask you to hold him if that doesn’t work I ask you to go to your Vet – your dog’s nails might look too long now because it’s probably the first time you have been able to see them now that his feet have been clipped, however if you want to check that they have been clipped look at the end of the nail and it will be blunt and might look white

Salon Cherie